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"We are privilaged to be able to teach the art we love and find it very uplifting when students express their appreciation, although we always signify it is a team effort between instructor & student that breeds development and success."

My son started training with Makenki in 2004, soon joined by my husband. Having watched the sessions, seen the enthusiastic and committed teaching and shared the sense of achievement as my boys progressed through their gradings, I also joined the club and began the journey to my black belt. Thanks to Senseis Jacky and Dave I have made friends, got fitter, laughed a lot, worked hard and achieved things that I would never have imagined. I am still as enthusiastic as I was a decade ago and still learning. Brilliant!
Lisa Ridgway - Crosspool club.

" My son aged 8 and daughter aged 11 have been attending classes  for over a year now. I've been really impressed because the Senseis are really friendly and encouraging to the kids and the classes aren't intimidating like others I've been too. Several black belts come to the class to help so the kids get a lot of individual attention and help rather than being left to struggle. New members are always made to feel really welcome and get a lot of one to one help. The club organises lots of events and where the members from the different groups come together there is always a nice friendly atmosphere, with everyone helping out. My kids love coming to the lessons. Learning karate is good on so many levels- self defence, confidence, respect, self discipline, coordination, exercise and fun." Nicola Kenny - Children Crosspool club.

From Amy (11yrs) Crosspool club  - "Makenki karate club is a place where I feel at home. All the staff are friendly and welcoming. The traditional style of Shukokai karate taught is interesting and you learn to defend yourself which makes you feel more confident. It is also fun and you make lots of new friends.

"Started with my son when he was 7. That's 12 years ago and I'm now a 3rd Dan black belt! Sensei's Dave & Jackie were always very nice with the kids but still expected a good standard and hard work. Karate is a martial art where there's always something new to learn and its not just about fighting. I'm 51 now and probably fitter and stronger than I've ever been”.   Steve Eccleston - Crosspool  club.

Hi Sensei Dave and Jackie,
Thankyou for your patience time and perseverance with my once shy nervous 10 year old boy .
There was no pressure on him, your encouragement to get him off the bench and participating worked very well, so much so that I joined up to. It's a great friendly and welcoming environment, more like a big family gathering. Terry and Ryan - Handsworth club.

I joined the club because my two eldest children were already members. Now 13 and 11 they’ve been members for approximately 5 and 4 years respectively. They love it. Karate has certainly boosted their confidence and is good physical exercise. Personally, as a fortysomething out of condition bloke I was apprehensive about joining. However, Sensei Dave and Sensei Jackie the instructors and everyone else are all very friendly, welcoming and the more senior belts certainly take the time to help out us less able. My kids love the fact that I train with them and they love it even more that they are ahead of me and better than me!!  Steve Vickers Crosspool club.

Our son attends karate and thoroughly enjoys it, he loves learning new routines, but he also enjoys the fact that every week the class is a mix of fun, stretching, running, and learning. We really like the fact that Dave and all the other instructors are always calm, always command attention out of respect not yelling and they seem genuinely keen to help children and adults advance. We really recommend it!
Paula Meth (Jamie Williams' mum) - Childrens Crosspool club

Hi Dave
I would just like to say that I am very impressed with the club. I think it is very well organized with excellent support from the black belts for each member at every stage of their karate journey. Also fantastic value for money.  Oliver loves the club and can't wait for his weekly training! Jane Sammans Parent of Oliver - Childrens Crosspool Club.

One of my children asked to try Karate, we found it so welcoming and accesible that now 4 of us come, even myself (why sit on the side when you can be learning a new skill and be keeping fit and flexible?!) as well as our 3 kids. My son struggles with his co-ordination due to his dyspraxia. Everyone has been welcoming and patient with his frustration and difficulties and he is progressing well. We were all so proud to have acheived our first belt after just a few months.  Lucy Smith & family Crosspool Club.

"Training at Makenki Karate Club is simply fantastic; joining the club is an amazing way to meet new people and keep fit at the same time. It's an incredibly welcoming group of people and there's a good mixture of ages and abilities. I started training as an adult and received incredible support and encouragement from Jackie and Dave. There are always plenty of opportunities to participate in competitions, training courses and social events both in the UK and abroad."  Hannah Chaplin - Crosspool club.