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Commonly asked questions & answers

* Will I get injured ?
All classes are strictly controlled to minimise the risk of injury so that there is no more risk of injury from practicing karate than playing other sports.

* Am I fit enough ?
If you are in good health it should be possible to learn. If you have health problems, consult your doctor. Most people who join our club regard themselves as being unfit and join to get fit. Training is structured towards enjoyable learning at an easy pace giving progressive fitness development at your own personal level.

* Am I too old ?
Many of our students are in the 40-60 age range, and train successfully, it is a known fact that the flexibility and strength training that karate provides, improves circulation to joints, and can actually improve arthritic and muscular conditions.

* My child is shy will they learn to protect themselves ?
Whilst we don't teach children to be aggressive, karate training helps to develop a child's confidence and self esteem giving them important motor and life skills helping them to enter society with confident and enthusiastic outlook.

* What do I need to wear ?
For your first few lessons all you need are some loose fitted clothing such as track suit, shorts, tee shirt or anything you feel comfortable in. Once you have decided Karate is for you, then we can order a Karate suit (Gi) from our suppliers.

* Is the style you teach authentic ?
The style we teach is a traditional Shukokai Karate that originated from Japan which is recognised worldwide.

* Is it expensive ?
Our fees are very sensible and are not designed to extract the maximum amount of money from you, we have family discounts available. The training fees also include many free benefits that many other organisations charge for. Your 1st lesson is free without any obligation, at the end of that lesson we will give you a starter pack which will explain the fee structure.

* Can I get to black belt level ?
Yes, we teach from beginner to black belt and beyond, with your dedication and our teaching methods you can achieve black belt status, which, in our style is recognised worldwide.

* I have trained in a different style, will you recognise my grade ?
Normally we will recognise the grade and would advise which level would be best to enter our style after a few lessons with us.

* I would like to start, what do I do from here ?
Contact us for further information and to arrange your free lesson. Alternatively you can call and see us at one of our venues. Instructors, Dave or Jackie are always happy to speak with you & answer any questions you have.