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Complete Karate training for all levels

Starting out

People starting Karate can often find the thought daunting and do not know what to expect . We are often asked questions such as "will I get hurt" "am I fit enough" etc. This is natural, we fully understand and the training is designed to be enjoyable, friendly and ego free.

On your first visit, as soon as you walk through our door you will be immediately welcomed and made to feel at ease and very comfortable.

Our teaching methods are effective but also safe and in our experience injuries are very rare. Training is designed for gradual progress in techniques and fitness & you will not be driven to perform beyond your limits. When you join our club it won't be long before you discover the friendliness, helpfulness and comradeship of our instructors and members.

Your first beginner lessons

Your first lessons are given on a one to one basis with the basic principles and techniques of karate with explanations. This is designed to give you the confidence to ease you into classes rather than 'put you in at the deep end'.

Intermediate and advanced

As you progess through your karate journey, we have classes that are structured to accomodate all levels that you can progress to, plus extra advanced classes for black belt & beyond. We also organise many extra courses concentrating on different aspects of the art.

Anyone who has who has previously practised Karate with a different club or style would be welcome to train with us at the level they previously attained and after a few lessons we would be able to advise how to progress your training with us.

   Makenki Karate of Sheffield