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Life benefits of karate training

In brief

Practising karate is not all about punching & kicking, it is more about improving & maintaining your well-being in every aspect both physicallly & mentally, with the added benefit of self defence.

It is often a common misconception that karate is an egoistical aggressive and violent activity where the sole purpose is to learn to inflict harm to others. This is frequently portayed in TV, movies and video games and is a poor misrepresentation of the true art of karate. The correct fact is that Karate training is all about bringing mind and body together to help create a healthy lifestyle balance.

Physical benefits

We all know that physical fitness is a must in life although in todays society it is so easy to neglect with so many pressures and distractions thrust upon us. Karate training provides full body conditioning - cardio vascular, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and co-ordination to mention just a few. This is delivered in an enjoyable but effective way with other like minded persons and constantly monitored for each individual by our experienced instructors.

Mental benefits

Much can be written about this as the main core of karate benefits derives from the mental attributes of our inner self. In short, training in karate helps to develop our personal sense of self belief to help create confidence, increase self esteem, alleviate anxieties and reduce stress.

Self defence

It is a grey area to understand what you would do if you found yourself in a dangerous situation where the only escape route was a physical one. It is hard to imagine and to know how you would react. Karate training was originally developed with self protection as a priority should the worst happen. The type of training karate provides helps to keep a calm mind whilst dealing physically and effectively with an external threat.

Life benefits

Karate training for many becomes a way of life and is quickly taken beyond the walls of the dojo (training room) helping one to have a firm grip on how to structure your life to the fullest whilst respecting others. Over time children benefit from the skills they develop with training which helps towards entering society with a confident and positive outlook on life.