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Training for children & Adults


Whilst we don't teach children to be aggressive, Karate training helps to develop a child's confidence and self esteem giving them important motor and life skills, helping them to enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. We often have parents telling us how much their child's confidence, attitude and concentration levels have improved as their training progresses which often has a positive effect on their academic work .

We take children from the age of 6 years as once they have started school they understand school disciplines and better prepared to begin to learn karate.

We have many students that began training with us at a young age (some have been with us for over 10 years) and we find it inspiring to see how karate has played a significant part in structuring these children that have developed into confident, strong & respectable young adults.


The human body is designed to function for activity. As we age it is important to keep your body active, which goes a long way in helping and sustaining body systems to function well. Whatever age or fitness level you are, training will improve and maintain your health, flexibility and strength. It also helps to reduce stress levels and has the extra benefit of learning self defence. Many of our members are in the 40's 50's and some in their 60's and all have reported a increase in there health.


Many of our members have joined us with their families, which is a great way to share time and a common interest together and reap all the benefits of Karate training. As family orientated club, we offer generous family discounts.